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Getting Ready For Spring

With FlatOut™

Spring is approaching, I repeat, SPRING IS APPROACHING. That means we’re so close to trail riding and RV road trips. Before you load up the trailer or charge up the eBike, there are a few steps to make sure your equipment is ready to go. 



Battery – It has been cold. You want to make sure that the battery is still in tip-top shape. 

Oil and Filters – Since the oil has been sitting all winter, make sure you check the levels to ensure you’re good to go and there are no leaks. While you’re checking this, also check the filters.

Brake Pads – Brakes are one of the most critical parts on your equipment for obvious reasons. Check your brake pads to see if they are worn out. Do a short test drive before hitting the trail to see if they are working properly.

Tire Sealant – For UTVs, ATVs, and ZTRs, you can protect your tires with FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Off-Road Formula. Prevent flats and slow leaks this season and beyond!


Check Your Chain and Sprocket – If you haven’t taken out your bike since last year, you’ll want to use a lubricant or change the chain if needed. 

Charge Your Battery – There would be nothing worse than loading up your eBike and driving to the trails only to realize that you didn’t charge the battery. If you’re worried about your battery life, there are multimeters available online, or check to see if a local bike dealer offers this service. 

Check Lights, Cables, and Plugs – You’d hate to have something malfunction while you’re on your ride. Do a once-over on all the electrical on your bike to make sure it’s ready to leave the garage. 

Tire Sealant – For bikes and eBikes with fat tires (width of more than 3.5”), we recommend FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Off-Road formula. If the tire width is less than 3.5″, we recommend FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Small Tire formula.


Battery and Filters – Without your battery, you’re not going anywhere. Check to ensure it still has a charge; if not, charge it up or replace it. Make sure to check the rest of your engine and filters. 

Flush and Sanitize Water System – When you winterized your RV, you probably added in RV antifreeze. You’ll need to flush that out and sanitize it so the water will be good for bathing, cooking, and washing dishes. 

Check for Leaks – Hopefully, the RV antifreeze did its job, but you’ll still want to check your water pipes to make sure there are no leaks. 

Test Generator – First check your exhaust system to make sure it is working properly. It can harm your generator if not. Next, run your generator on a half-rated load for a few hours. If your generator has issues running, take your RV to a repair shop to have it serviced. 

Tire SealantFlatOut™ QuickStrike™ On Road formula is the best option for RVs and trailers. It seals slow leaks and up to ½” punctures and lasts for the life of the tire!

No matter what type of equipment you have, get ready for spring with FlatOut™. To find the perfect dosage for your equipment, check out our Dosage Calculator here

Have more questions about FlatOut™? Check out our FAQs or chat with a rep through our chatbox. 

Our Products

We know you have equipment you want to protect. This formula is perfect for all your Off-Road equipment; ATVs, UTVs, Lawnmowers, ZTRs, eBikes/ Fat Tire Bikes and more! 

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