MULTI SEAL ® Celebrating 40 Years of Protecting Tires!

What a wild ride it has been!

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of MULTI SEAL Tire Sealants. We are extremely proud of our history, the path that we have taken, and the partnerships we have built with our customers.

  • MULTI SEAL has been installed in both new and retreaded tires on 6 of the world’s 7 continents and has been successfully protecting valuable assets over millions and millions of miles.
  • Our products and technical service and sales personnel have played an integral part in the tire maintenance programs of thousands of fleets throughout the world. This has allowed each to reduce unnecessary spending on their overall tire program cost by maximizing tire life and reducing down-time associated with under-inflated tires and flats caused by punctures.
  • We have improved tire safety for all users in addition to those they share the roadways with daily.
  • Our team prides itself in providing world-class customer service. You will always talk to a human if you call our office!
  • Proudly, we have achieved all of this without losing sight of our core values!
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Core Values

Simply put, our core values are:

  • Setting reasonable expectations without over-inflating our product claims. While we significantly reduce flats, we are not a flat-proofer and we will never claim to
  • Technical legitimacy. All claims are based in science…whether derived from lab
    or field data.
  • Transparency. As with any technology, there are strengths and weaknesses.
  • Sealants may not be the best fit for every fleet in every circumstance.
  • Customer focus. We would rather forego business and walk away from a sales opportunity than betray our core values and risk an unsatisfied customer.

How are MULTI SEAL’s products Different?

  • One-time installation. Our products do not contain adhesives, adhesive agents or latex. Because of this, our products truly last the life cycle of the tire and allow easy clean-up.
  • Class leading puncture protection. Our PRO HD 2500™ product seals punctures up to ¾”. Our ARMOR 3500™ product seals an amazing 1 ¼” puncture in 18 ply or greater tires!
  • Our tire sealants virtually eliminate all slow leaks from around the bead and valve stem in addition to slow leaks resulting from the natural porosity of the rubber.
  • Plug longevity. We only use synthetic fibers, including DuPont™ Kevlar ® , that will not break down over time and has a tensile strength stronger than steel.
  • Our products are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly, fully repairable, and 100% retreadable.
  • MULTI SEAL tire sealants are easily integrated into mounted wheel programs.
  • 40 years of field experience in millions of tires…. tire sealant is all we do, and we are experts in this field
Mining Machines parked up on a dirt road during a shift change.

Benefits to your fleet?

To put it simply, whether due to slow leaks or punctures, we help you maintain the correct tire pressure. In conjunction with an effective tire maintenance program, our customers have realized significant improvements in tire lifetime and safety while at the same time realizing impressive reductions in overall tire spend and significant reduction in losses resulting from unnecessary downtime.

There are numerous aftermarket devices available to detect under-inflated tires and/or add air to tires that are under-inflated. These systems are costly and, in most circumstances, result in increased maintenance costs. Our philosophy is why not start
at the root of the problem and eliminate it before it begins. MULTI SEAL is like having a tire service tech at each tire 24/7!

If you are tired of throwing away money on tires that fail because of improper inflation, downtime associated with under-inflated tires or tires that go flat because of a puncture then give MULTI SEAL a try. Incorporating MULTI SEAL tire sealants into your tire maintenance program will add money to your bottom line. Ask us how!

Superior Science. Superior Sealants. Superior Customer Service.

Our Products

Whether you’re out on your ATV or mowing the lawn, make the smart choice and stay safe with FlatOut Multi-Purpose.

From Lawn Mowers to Snow Blowers. Work to do outside? There’s no job too tough for FlatOut Outdoor Power.

However precious your cargo, we’ll keep it safe and keep you rolling with our Kevlar powered Trailer formula.

Adrenaline junkies should never let a flat tire ruin their weekend. Use Sportsman formula to keep you on the trail.

FlatOut by Multiseal