Pooling Vs. Even Coating

Pooling vs. Even Coating

If you’ve read our other blogs or taken a look at our social media, you know that FlatOut™ tire sealants are built differently than other tire sealants. One main difference (that makes all the difference) is how our tire sealant acts in your tires. Our sealant pools at the bottom of the tire and doesn’t stick to the walls. So you might be thinking, if that’s true how does our sealant give you the full-coverage, awesome flat prevention we claim? We’re here to explain!

Ingredients make the difference 

So what makes FlatOut™ pool in the tire versus what makes another sealant coat? FlatOut™ is made from a glycol base fluid with fillers and fibers that plugs punctures. Other sealants, the ones that coat the inside of a tire, are made from latex and other adhesives. The latex or adhesive causes the sealant to stick to the tire and coats the inside. There are a few issues with this method: 

The sticky mess it leaves behind 

Latex is a sticky substance and essentially causes the sealant to glue to the inside of the tire. That means when it’s time to clean out the inside, you’re going to be there a while. This is what the tire guys hate!

Drying out 

Latex in liquid form doesn’t last forever. Depending on how long it takes for that particular sealant to dry out or cure, you may not have flat protection for very long, and definitely not for the life of the tire. 

Is the even coat really an even coat? 

When you apply latex/adhesive-based sealants, you have to rotate the tire right then. If you don’t the sealant will pool and dry in the bottom, not giving you an even layer.  Even if you do drive around on the tire, there’s no way of knowing for sure you got an even coat or not until it’s too late. This uneven coating leads to potential balance issues. Additionally, these sealants typically only coat the tread area so no coverage on the sidewalls, tire bead, or valve stem. After doing the math, an even coat of sealant around the tread area leaves an incredibly thin layer of sealant. It is questionable whether there is enough sealant at the wound to do anything!

So what does pooling do? 

FlatOut™ pools in the bottom of the tire and stays in liquid form, so you don’t have to worry about getting an even coating because it’s not needed. Our sealant moves with your tire so that means the tire sealant pool will be at the bottom of the tire, exactly where you need it because that’s where a puncture will happen. When you’re driving and you get a puncture, FlatOut™ will have it sealed in just a few tire rotations with minimal air loss. You probably won’t even know the puncture occurred. 

When your vehicle gets up to speed, all the sealant is dispersed evenly around the tread area of the tire by centrifugal force.  When the vehicle comes to a stop, all that sealant pools back to the bottom of the tire.  This is where the bead and valve stem get coated with sealant and any slow leaks are eliminated.  

Because our tire sealants are made with a glycol base instead of latex, that means our sealant won’t dry out in the tire. FlatOut™ won’t leave a sticky mess to clean up when it’s time to change the tire, and it lasts for the life of the tire. 

Is there any effect on balance? 

We started manufacturing tire sealants over 40 years ago when MULTI SEAL™ was created. Over the years, we have been able to experiment with dosages to see how our tire sealants work with particular tire sizes and applications. If you follow the recommended dosage for your specific tire, you should not have any balance issues. To find how much your tire needs, we created this easy-to-use dosage calculator

When it comes to tire sealant, not all are created equal. FlatOut™ is backed by science and experience because we have put the time into making sure that our formulas are top-notch and finding the correct dosage for each application. If you have any questions about FlatOut™, check out our FAQ page or chat with one of our reps through the chatbox or contact page

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