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hunting prep With FlatOut™

If you’re big in the hunting world, you’ve probably already started prepping for the fall. The time is just around the corner when we’ll break out the camo and rifles. A lot of planning can go into hunting; where to go, what you need to bring, what vehicles you need to take. You’ve probably already started checking to see if your UTV is up to par for the trails ahead. One thing you don’t want to forget is the tires!

The vehicle you use for hunting gets you around in the woods and carries your prize buck back home.  If you get a flat on the trail, one of two things can happen. You’re either stuck changing or fixing the tire before you go hunting, possibly missing those prime hunting hours. Or you have your deer in the back and trying to get home, but you’re having to stop to fix the tire and risk the meat going bad. Neither one of these scenarios are ideal, but we have a way you can worry less about flat tires.

Adding FlatOut™ Sportman to the tires of your UTV, ATV, eBike or other off-road hunting vehicle, can give you the piece of mind that your tires will not give out on you. FlatOut™ is a one-time tire sealant that prevents flats by sealing punctures up to ½’’, and sealing slow leaks. That means nothing will stand in your way of getting to (and from) your favorite hunting spot!

So, we talked about prepping your tires for hunting season, but what else do you need to get ready before you hit the woods?

Make sure you get your hunting license and check all hunting regulations in your area

Not getting your license and not checking regulations could ruin your hunting trip (or worst get you a ticket or arrested.) Regulations can change from year to year, so just because something was okay last year, doesn’t mean it will be this year. Doing a simple Google search and checking out your local laws can save you a big headache. This is especially important if you’re going to be traveling out of state to hunt. Check out more tips to prepare for hunting season here.

-Pick your hunting spot

You probably already have your perfect hunting spot in mind, whether it’s your annual hunting grounds or you’re traveling to check out somewhere new. If it’s private land or a lease, reach out to the owner to make sure everything is ready to go. If you hunt on public land, again, make sure to check the local rules and regulations. Your state may require an extra permit to hunt on public lands so make sure to give it some thought. Here’s a blog by the National Deer Association for a guide on hunting on public lands.

Make sure your gear is working and pack your supplies

Hunting can require a lot of gear. Make a list of what you want to take and start going down the list to check it off. Depending on the type of hunting you’re doing, your list may vary but here’s a list by Outly to give you a place to start. Once you installed FlatOut™ Sportsman, checked all your supplies, and scouted out your area, it’s time to pack. This will be specific to your hunt. If you’re not going far, you may just want to pack a few days before and prep your food the night before. If you’re traveling, this will be a more involved process for you. Check out this blog from Wide Open Spaces for how and what to pack for three different types of hunting trips.

No matter where you’re hunting, you can make sure it’s a good trip with a little prep work. FlatOut™ Sportsman can also help make sure this trip and future hunting seasons are a success. When you install FlatOut™, you’re protecting the tire for its lifetime, which means it’s a one-and-done treatment. You won’t have to worry about flats or changing out your sealant, because FlatOut™ doesn’t dry out after two years. Our formulas work effectively for 10+ years. For more install tips, check out this video

Whether you’re out on your ATV or mowing the lawn, make the smart choice and stay safe with FlatOut Multi-Purpose.

From Lawn Mowers to Snow Blowers. Work to do outside? There’s no job too tough for FlatOut Outdoor Power.

However precious your cargo, we’ll keep it safe and keep you rolling with our Kevlar powered Trailer formula. 

Adrenaline junkies should never let a flat tire ruin their weekend. Use Sportsman formula to keep you on the trail.

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