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Reasons To buy an eBike

We’ve all seen the memes and videos about how eBikes are superior to normal bikes. But is the extra power oomph worth buying one? We think so and here are our reasons!

More Advanced Trails 

On a regular bike, you can wear yourself out quickly on a hard trail. With an eBike, you can tackle those advanced trails with ease due to the extra power the motor provides. If you’ve ever ridden uphill on a standard bike, you know it can be tough. With an eBike, you’ll be flying down the other side of the hill in no time. 

Easy to Transport 

Unlike other motorized equipment that would need a lot of space to transport, think ATV or UTV, eBikes don’t need that much space at all. This makes them perfect for vacations or day trips. You can load up the whole family’s eBikes without having to use a trailer. This makes them great for checking out parks and trails that are farther away from you. 

Great Hunting Equipment 

EBikes are quieter than gas-powered vehicles so they won’t startle wildlife as much as a UTV or ATV. Many companies who make eBikes, particularly for hunting, have created small trailers and gun racks so you can load up your equipment and carry out your trophy kill. 

Cover More Ground + More Time on Trails

Because eBikes have pedal assist, you won’t get as tired on your ride. A lot of them come with assist settings, so you can tell the eBike how much power you need to get up the hill. The wind also blowing against you also won’t be as big of a deal. With all the factors added in, it equals more ground covered and more time on the trails. 

They’re A Lot of Fun

Adding a motor to anything makes it more fun. EBikes are no exception. Whether you’re taking your eBike hunting, to the beach, or cruising around town, it’s sure to be a blast and with all the benefits compared to standard bikes, it’s a no-brainer for us. 


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