Glue Treads – External Patch Kit


The External Patch Kit was designed to patch slices or punctures anywhere on your tire. Sidewall or tread area, the External Patch Kit allows you to repair a damaged tire in the field without removing the tire from the vehicle!

The External Patch Kit is also ideal for:

  • repairing sidewall damage
  • repairing a sliced tire
  • repairing a punctured tire
  • adding extra protection to areas of a tire that are worn
  • covering cord
  • covering a bulging tube
  • covering an internal patch
  • covering and repairing a cracked tire to keep out debris
  • preventing a higher risk area from leaking in the future

With enough material to patch 4 tires, this kit is great to keep in your truck, tractor, ATV or UTV.

(2) Patch Dimensions: 3″x1.5″x1/8″

(2) Patch Dimensions: 1.5″x1.5″x1/8″

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The External Patch Kit has rubber and adhesive to repair 4 punctures or slices without removing the tire from the rim.

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