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Best UTV Upgrades

Whether you’re looking to improve your UTV’s performance, functionality, or aesthetic appeal, there are numerous upgrades available. These UTV upgrades will increase your safety while also making everyone jealous of your ride. Here are a few of the top UTV upgrades that we think are worth it!

UTV Upgrades

Tires – One popular upgrade is larger tires, which can provide improved traction and better performance in off-road conditions. With larger tires, your UTV will be able to tackle rough terrain with ease. Check out this UTV Tire Guide to see which tires would be best for you. 

Winch and Towing System – A high-quality winch can come in handy when you need to pull your UTV out of a tough spot, while a good towing system will be great if you have to transport a trailer or other equipment. Here are some systems that would be great for your UTV.

Stereo – No UTV upgrade would be complete without a great stereo system. A good stereo can provide hours of entertainment on the trail while you’re out exploring. Look for a system that is rugged and weather-resistant, and that can provide clear, crisp sound even in noisy environments. Check out these UTV stereo systems

Nerf Bars – These sturdy bars can provide extra protection for your vehicle, and can also make it easier to get in and out of your UTV. With the right nerf bars, you can enjoy improved safety and convenience while you’re out on the trail. Check out this Nerf Bar Buyer’s Guide. 

Light Bar – If you’re planning on taking any night rides, a light bar is a must. Plus, they look super cool and provide extra safety! Check out some reviews here.

FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Off-Road – To protect your tires, you’ll want to install FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Off-Road. It seals up to ½’’ punctures and slow leaks. It also lasts for the life of the tire, so one easy install and you’re good to go! Get FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Off-Road here.

If you do upgrade your UTV tires for a larger set, make sure you’re using the right amount of tire sealant when you install by checking out our dosage calculator here

There are many great UTV upgrades available. You can enhance your UTV’s performance, safety, and entertainment value. These upgrades will help you make the most of your off-road adventures and increase your UTV’s capabilities. 

To learn more about FlatOut™ QuickStrike™, check out our FAQs page or use the chat box to speak with one of our reps. 

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