FlatOut™ by MULTI SEAL® – The single application, non-adhesive tire additive that prevents flats.

A flat tire on your boat trailer, camper, utility trailer, ATV, UTV, or lawn tractor can ruin your weekend or ruin your trip.  We’ve all felt this pain! That’s why MULTI SEAL® created FlatOut™, a single application tire additive that prevents flats due to punctures (up to ½-inch) while also stopping any slow leaks around the tire’s bead or valve stem or due to the natural porosity of the tire.

Simply install FlatOut™ into your tires – installation is quick and simple with the Easy Dispensing Cap™ – and it will prevent flats and seal leaks for the life of the tires, for 10-plus years!

Unlike temporary, adhesive/latex-based sealant products that only work for the short term and create a sticky mess, FlatOut™ is 100% adhesive-free and will continue working for the life of the tire, sealing puncture after puncture for 24/7 protection.  Plus, FlatOut™ seals punctures up to ½-inch in the tread which is twice the size of the other guys.  And, it works in tubed or tubeless tires.

Here is how FlatOut™ works: it is made up of synthetic TangleTek™ fibers (including Kevlar®) and unique DamRight™ fillers, which are all suspended in a special NeverSettle™ base fluid.  When a puncture occurs, the escaping air forces FlatOut™ into the wound creating an airtight fiber jam.  Think beaver dam, but with the fibers and fillers forming an amazingly durable plug!

FlatOut™ works as you drive, plugging leaks and filling punctures on the go.  It even works around nails or screws that remain in the tread.  It’s non-corrosive, non-toxic and freeze resistant.  And, it’s made in the USA!

MULTI SEAL® has proven this technology for decades in military and industrial applications and is now making it available to consumers.  And, while it is not designed for use in passenger vehicle tires, it is ideal for use in all trailers/campers, outdoor power equipment and off-road vehicles. 

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