Gear Up for a Hassle-Free 2022 with FlatOut® Tire Sealant

Side by Side

GEAR UP FOR A HASSLE-FREE 2022 WITH FLATOUT® TIRE SEALANT It’s just tire sealant, right? Think again. When you’re stranded on the trail or, even worse, on the side of a busy freeway with a busted trailer, it’s not “just” a flat. We understand the frustration of having a flat so we created FlatOut® as […]

FlatOut™ Sportsman

FLATOUT™ Sportsman For fat tire ebikes Ebikes were created with the idea of amplifying pedaling power, which in turn increases the enjoyment of the rider on trails. Being a quick, easy and efficient way to move, mountain ebikes are designed to handle the most challenging terrain with confident trail handling. Over time, however, rigorous activities performed by […]

Can I use FlatOut™ in my car or SUV?

Tourists driving a red car and white van around a hairpin curve on a winding road through a forest

Can I use FlatOut™ in my car or SUV?Answering Common Questions. One of the most common questions we get is, “Can I use FlatOut in my car or SUV”?  While there are other sealants and flat fixers that claim they are good for automobiles, we have made the choice not to recommend FlatOut for such […]

MULTI SEAL ® – Celebrating 40 Years of Protecting Tires!

gold and black 40th Anniversary of Multiseal logo

MULTI SEAL ® Celebrating 40 Years of Protecting Tires! What a wild ride it has been! 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of MULTI SEAL Tire Sealants. We are extremely proud of our history, the path that we have taken, and the partnerships we have built with our customers. MULTI SEAL has been installed in both […]

All Tire Sealants Are Not Created Equal

ALL TIRE SEALANTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. Part 1= Adhesives/Latex All tire sealants are not created equal.  Never were truer words spoken!  A tire sealant/additive is supposed to make life better by reducing or repairing tire problems. Unfortunately, make a bad choice in brand or type and just the opposite happens. Let’s break down the […]

Tire Sealant and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tire Sealant and Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).Separating fact from misleading marketing There is a lot of talk and confusion about how tire additives and tire sealants work regarding TPMS equipped Vehicles. If you make the choice to use an additive/sealant in a TPMS equipped vehicle, you need to do your homework to ensure that […]