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Getting Ready for Duck Hunting 

Duck Hunting Season is almost here and that means it’s time to prepare the gear. You’ll want to make sure that your supplies are ready to go and that you’re equipped for those early morning hunts.

Check Your Local Laws 

Before you hit the woods, take a look at your local laws and regulations to make sure your hunt will go smoothly. There are high fees associated when you don’t have the right licenses or go over your limit. You’ll want to make sure your hunt goes off without a hitch and the first step is to be educated as a hunter.  Learn when duck season starts and limits in your state here.

Secure Your Spot 

If you hunt on privately owned land, contact the owner and see if you can still hunt there.  Go to the area and see if the spot is still good for duck hunting. If you hunt on public land, scout out a few spots to see which would be the best.

Give your blind or boat a good inspection. If you’re having issues with birds landing wide of your blind, you may need to make adjustments like lowering it or moving it altogether. Make sure you are up-to-date on the requirements for blinds. Some states require permanent blinds to be licensed before the start of the season.

Gather Your Supplies

  • Clothing – Depending on where you live, it may still be warm, but when duck season comes around, it’s sure to get chilly. You’re also most likely to be getting wet. Having a warm pair of chest or hip waders along with a camo jacket or coat is a must. 


  • Duck Calls – Before purchasing a duck call, you’ll need to decide what type of duck you’ll be hunting. Here is a list of the Best Duck Calls by Outdoor Life to give you a place to start. 
  • Decoys – When choosing a decoy, there are many factors to consider like the ratio of the body, how much movement you’ll get, and price. Check out this list of the top duck decoys by Field & Stream for the pros and cons of each. 
  • Firearm and Shells  – Most hunters use a 12-gauge or a 20-gauge shotgun. Make sure to clean your gun and brush up on your skills beforehand. When picking out ammo, make sure to get non-toxic shells as it is federal law. 

Get Your Pooch Ready 

It’s your duck hunting dog’s time to shine. Make sure you have a list of your dog’s supplies before the hunt. It’s also a great idea to run water and land drills leading up to the trip. Check out this article from Ducks Unlimited for everything your retriever will need. 

Protect Your Tires During Duck Hunting 

Nothing will ruin your hunt like a flat tire! Whether you’re driving your ATV to your favorite spot or hauling your boat to the pond, make sure your tires are protected with FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Tire Sealants. It lasts for the life of the tire, seals punctures up to ½’’ and slow leaks, and doesn’t dry out so your equipment will be protected during duck hunting season and beyond. 

For ATVs and UTVs, use FlatOut™ QuickStrike Off-Road formula.

For Boat Trailers, use FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ On Road formula

Learn more about FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ on our FAQs page or contact us through the chatbox.

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