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FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Small Tire “Bicycle” Formula Applications 

FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ offers the same advantages as the original FlatOut™, but now with faster formulas. Our Small Tire formula offers tire protection for all new applications. This formula is ideal for low-air volume tires like bikes, scooters, and one wheels, and can seal punctures up to 1/4”. It is compatible with both tubed and tubeless tires, latex-free, and lasts for the life of the tire.

All New Applications 

With more and more requests for a formula that was compatible with bikes, we knew we had to create a formula to accommodate. We developed our Small Tire formula, not only for bikes but all low-air volume tires so you can protect all of your equipment. A quicker sealing formula is especially important for these types of tires so the tire does not go flat before the sealant has a chance to do its job!

Given that the tires this formula was made for are smaller, you’ll need less sealant in each application. That’s why we now offer a 16 oz bottle in Small Tire, as well as the original 32 oz size. This will make it more convenient if you are only installing sealant in one piece of equipment. 

If you’re familiar with FlatOut™, you know that our sealant seals ½’’ punctures and you may be wondering why the FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Small Tire formula advertises sealing punctures up to ¼’’. When a tire is the size that we are talking about, larger punctures can rip the tube or tire and that is a much harder issue to combat. With this in mind, we decided to guarantee it up to ¼’’. This doesn’t mean that the formula doesn’t have the ability to seal larger punctures, but we wanted to be as open and honest with our customers given the research on the nature of this tire type and application. In other words….the tire/tube is the weak link with larger punctures, not the sealant.



With this new formula, you can protect your whole family’s bikes. It’s perfect for road bikes, mountain bikes, and kids bikes. 

How much sealant do I need per tire?

Road bikes: 6-8 oz

MTB: 8-10 oz

Kids: 4-6 oz

Note: FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Small Tire formula is great for bikes with tires less than 3.5’’ wide. For fat tire bikes that are greater than 3.5’’ wide, use FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Off-Road formula. 


Although the first electric scooter was created in 1915, they really started to gain popularity in recent years with more and more cities offering rentable scooters. 

How much sealant do I need per tire?

Scooters: 8 oz

One Wheels 

One Wheels are a single wheel, self-balancing (maybe you’ll have better luck than the hoverboard) piece of equipment. They are powered by an electric motor and can gain speeds of up to 20 mph. 

How much sealant do I need per tire?

One Wheels: 8 oz


Being somewhat of a cross between a bike and a motorcycle, mopeds are a great option for going short distances or if you just want to go for a fun ride. 

How much sealant do I need per tire?

Mopeds: 8 oz

Note: We do not recommend this formula for mopeds that go over 45 mph.

Mobility Scooters

Most mobility scooters can be used indoors or outdoors and have a battery life of up to 15-25 miles before they need to be recharged. Adding FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Small Tire formula is a great way to protect the tires.  

How much sealant do I need per tire?

Mobility Scooter: 8 oz


Dosage Chart 

For particular dosages, check out our dosage calculator here. It’s a great tool to use when determining how much sealant you need. You can also use our chatbox to talk to a representative or contact us here.

With even more applications, you can protect all of your equipment from flats and slow leaks. Install FlatOut™ QuickStrike™ Small Tire formula so you can enjoy your weekend without having to worry about changing a tire. 

Our Products

We know you have equipment you want to protect. This formula is perfect for all your Off-Road equipment; ATVs, UTVs, Lawnmowers, ZTRs, eBikes/ Fat Tire Bikes and more! 

When you’re traveling down the highway, the last thing you want to worry about is a flat! Protect your RVs, Horse Trailers, Boat Trailers, Utility Trailers and more with this On Road Formula!

Unlike anything we created before, this Small Tire Formula is perfect for all those low air volume tires you want to protect. Great for bikes, one-wheels, scooters, mopeds and more! 

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