Can I use FlatOut™ in my car or SUV?
Answering Common Questions.

One of the most common questions we get is, “Can I use FlatOut in my car or SUV”?  While there are other sealants and flat fixers that claim they are good for automobiles, we have made the choice not to recommend FlatOut for such applications.  Honestly, we would rather sacrifice some sales than risk having upset customers.  

So why have we decided to forgo cars/SUVs as potential customers?  The primary reason is Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and specifically compatibility with the internal sensors that they use (mounted on the inside of the wheel).  Two main issues can occur when installing sealant in these types of TPMS equipped tires: 1) The sealant will physically plug the valve stem/TPMS assembly during installation and 2) The sealant can plug the pressure plate (a very small hole on the sensor) if the sealant comes in contact with it therefore causing the warning light on your dashboard to illuminate. 

While many TPMS sensors are designed to be liquid friendly (industrial sealed units, external screw-on units, or systems driven off of ABS), unfortunately passenger vehicle internal sensors are not designed to be liquid friendly.  Remember that all sealants are liquids.  In fact, per the passenger vehicle TPMS manufacturers, you are advised not to put anything in a TPMS equipped tire other than dry air.

The terms “TPMS Safe” or “TPMS Friendly” are used frequently in the marketing of tire sealants or flat fixers but it truly only addresses the liquid’s ability to push through the sensor without plugging and does not mean that it will not cause problems when the sealant/liquid contacts the pressure plate on the sensor.  In fact, if you read the fine print, it clearly states that the sealant or flat fixer needs to be removed in a few days, or a maximum of 60 miles! 

Also, you have to wonder how well a sealant works at plugging punctures if it cannot even plug the small opening of the TPMS sensor!  Do not be fooled by these marketing ploys.  There is nothing magical added to these sealers to make them TPMS safe.  A liquid is a liquid.  Read the fine print!

It is our position that most consumers are not correctly informed and could easily assume that adding a sealer to their tires with “TPMS Safe” on the bottle would not be a problem.  The reality is just the opposite! They do not realize that a trip to a shop for professional removal and cleaning/resetting of your TPMS is required.  It has been our experience that consumers are most often upset about the need to seek these services, not to mention the added expense.  FlatOut is conservative in their approach and once again we do not want to risk unhappy customers.

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