FLATOUT™ Sportsman For fat tire ebikes

Ebikes were created with the idea of amplifying pedaling power, which in turn increases the enjoyment of the rider on trails. Being a quick, easy and efficient way to move, mountain ebikes are designed to handle the most challenging terrain with confident trail handling. Over time, however, rigorous activities performed by mountain ebikes can result in flat tires. Having a trustworthy, effective tire sealant to protect those tires helps bikers prevent the risk of a flat tire, allowing them to focus on the trails instead. FlatOut Sportsman by MULTI SEAL® is the best preventative for the tires on your ebike

One Time Tire Additive

Offering a high-quality tire sealant, FlatOut Sportsman works great for fat tire mountain ebikes, and it is a one time tire additive that lasts the life of the tire. Compared to other brands whose bike tire sealants only prevent flats up to ¼ in the tread, FlatOut Sportsman prevents flats up to ½ inch with a quality tube. Giving you a sense of comfort knowing that your tires are protected while riding, FlatOut Sportsman has a unique non-toxic formula consisting of heavy duty KEVLAR fibers. We put our customers first by making our tire sealants latex free with a quick and easy clean-up.


Each tire is different, so we offer customers a sizing chart available on our website to ensure the correct amount of tire sealant is used. For fat tire mountain ebikes, the width of the tire can range from 3.7 inches to 5.2 inches. Knowing the correct size and width of the tire allows riders to protect the tires on their bikes fully. If the wrong amount of sealant is used, the tire may not have the full protection FlatOut Sportsman offers. 

Perfect for adventurous riders, FlatOut Sportsman is a tire sealant that helps withstand activities performed on mountain ebikes. Don’t let the fun be cut short because of a flat tire. Think ahead and protect your tires with FlatOut Sportsman. 

Not seeing your tire size here? Send us a message on our Contact Us Page, and we’ll get you all the info you need to make sure FlatOut™ is properly installed. 

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Our Products

Whether you’re out on your ATV or mowing the lawn, make the smart choice and stay safe with FlatOut Multi-Purpose.

From Lawn Mowers to Snow Blowers. Work to do outside? There’s no job too tough for FlatOut Outdoor Power.

However precious your cargo, we’ll keep it safe and keep you rolling with our Kevlar powered Trailer formula. 

Adrenaline junkies should never let a flat tire ruin their weekend. Use Sportsman formula to keep you on the trail.

FlatOut by Multiseal